Friday, April 6, 2012

Movie List - Spring of 2012

I last did a list of Movies I wanted to see in June of 2010, and I haven't seen very many movies since then so I'm quite behind.

The main reason for this is to have a place to remember these! Maybe sometime in 2014 I'll look back and see how I did.

First off, from that previous list there are only 4 I didn't see. Not too bad.
Clash of the Titans
The Other Guys
Adjustment Bureau
Eagle of the Ninth

Amazingly none of those are on Netflix yet.

Since the last list these are the films I DID see: (*T* after if I saw it in the Theater)
Yeah we don't get out to the theater that much. Cheaper that way I guess!

And now the films I would still like to see (not in order of preference):
Finally - here are some upcoming movies I want to see (in order of release for the rest of the year):
WOW that's a big list!!
I'm surprised I saw as many of those movies as I did - but there are still a lot to see.