Thursday, December 31, 2009

Teeter Totter Bread and Water!!

One of the fun things I got for Christmas was a Teeter Hang-Ups F7000S Inversion Table. You can read some reviews on Amazon, see some Pictures from Costco (where we bought it), watch a video review (mine is actually the higher-end one and we got it cheaper!) and/or read this:
Manufacturer Description: If you're plagued by back pain or suffer from stress overload, consider the Teeter Hang Ups F7000S inversion table, which helps to counter the effects of too much time spent sitting, standing or moving repetitively. In full inversion it's also a great way to add extra crunch to exercises like sit-ups without adding painful loads to your back. The Teeter Hang Ups F7000S rotates on a pivot system. With simple arm movements (rotation is accomplished by shifting the weight of the arms), the table easily rotates to any comfortable angle. The smooth rotation allows for oscillation and intermittent traction. Adjustable roller hinges allow you to pre-select three levels to control the aggressiveness of rotation. Increase the traction and enhance your stretching experience by pushing on the EZ Stretch Traction Handles (sold separately)
It's been interesting and I'm not sure how it is working for me yet - I've used it every day since Christmas - BUT I also haven't even watched the instructional DVD yet, so I might not be utilizing it to its full capacity. While the blood rushes to the head - it does feel good to stretch your back, and I plan on doing exercises while fully inverted as soon as I DO watch the instructional DVD. Maybe I'll post some pictures or video. We'll see!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Aftermath...

Of Christmas!

Christmas was great this year, my family was in town, there was all sorts of craziness going on, oh yes there was definitely some INSANITY!!!

Insanity you say? Why yes, I did get the insanity workout program for Christmas and am very excited to have a fitness program to blog about again.

I plan on starting it on MONDAY JANUARY 4th - and hopefully I'll be able to get the before pictures taken and the fit test done before then.

The fit test basically measures how many reps you can do of the various exercises, and you repeat this a time or two throughout the 60-day program to see how you have improved. I'm very excited because one of my limitations with P90X was that I didn't have enough weights so I didn't achieve the results I felt I could have. Insanity requires no equipment, and from people I've talked to - it's great!

More details and posts on fun Christmas gifts to come.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quote of the Week - 23

"It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"

- R.E.M.

Yeah... it's probably not the end of the world - but I do feel fine!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (almost)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mario vs. Pacman


Quote of the Week - 22

"Nurture your mind with great thoughts: To believe in heroes makes heroes."

- Benjamin Disraeli

Friday, December 18, 2009

More Trailers? Alice in Wonderland

I wasn't sure what I thought of this when I first heard about it - but the trailer looks pretty interesting!

Still... How in the world did they make Johnny Depp look like Elijah Wood???

Ah yes - it's the buggy eyes that do it. Weird.

Even more strange is that I've said the same thing 2 other times this WEEK.

I think I'm going crazy.

One week 'til Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Iron Man 2

This looks to be very cool...

New Iron Man 2 Trailer debuts

I did enjoy the first one more than I expected to!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quote of the Week - 21

"The secret of life is not to do what one likes, but to try to like what one has to do."

- Dinah Mulock Craik

Monday, December 14, 2009

Under the Sea!

I Long To Be... by ~warlordblade on deviantART

I did this one for my Nephew - He has a mild form of Asperger's but loves these pictures! He just turned 8! :)

For some reason the picture doesn't show up in this view - you have to see the full view in DA to see it. Weird.

Friday, December 11, 2009

2 Weeks Left!!

I can't believe Christmas is only two weeks away!

So we definitely need more muppets!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Finished, Two Not Really or Maybe

Probably my best title ever!

WIP: Dragon by ~warlordblade on deviantART

Halloween Fun by ~warlordblade on deviantART

WIP: Death or something... by ~warlordblade on deviantART

Okay definitely not.

Linkity Link Links!


The kind that leads you to random, thoughtful or otherwise interesting stuff on the world-wide-webisode we live in.

There's only two as long as you aren't counting the one above...

The first is a great little spot for those of you who end up helping people with technical issues every year when people get their new gadgets.

Computing For Dummies from Wired's Gadget Lab

"This isn’t a troubleshooting request, but it drives me crazy: watching people double-click links in web browsers. Why? WHY?"
I always die a little inside when I see people unnecessarily double-clicking...

Second is an interesting article about attempting things and failing from a 23 year old filmographer who makes me feel very old (even though 23 is the age I automatically think I am, even though I'm 30 now!)

Thoughts on Tour by Charlie Hoehn via Kottke

"I’ve failed more times than I can remember. I’ve tried starting up several businesses, tried patenting inventions, tried starting up online communities, tried building several websites, tried to win contests… and failed almost every single time. But I never chalked any of them up as failures in my head, because I learned so much in the process each time. So now, when I’ve finally reached a point where things seem to fall into place with far less effort, I can’t help but think about all those times where I didn’t succeed over the course of the last eight years. And I look back in fondness, because those lessons learned are the reason I’m here. None of this stuff happened over night — in a way, I’ve been working to reach this point since I was 15."
See? I feel old. I gots lots to do still!

Finally - I gotta include the YES! Cartwheel from MMAist Diego Sanchez:

Crazy. And he (at 27) also makes me feel a little bit older than I think I should be.

And I think I lied - there are definitely more than 2 links in this entry. Oh well.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I hate when more than one quote shows up on here - means I haven't been doing enough!

In reality though, the reason I haven't blogged lately is that I've been busy at work with an Oracle upgrade! Issues issues boy am I tired of all of that!

So to make up for it - I give you two really great things:






Quote of the Week - 20

"Make friendship a habit and you will always have friends."

- Jacob M. Braude

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quote of the Week - 19

"The only people you should try to get even with are the ones who've helped you out."

- Anonymous


I 'learned' how to Juggle for a family activity years and years ago, and then learned a bit more from a coworker at a University computer job I had... but I am not a good juggler by any means and would definitely like to improve.

Interesting view on juggling:

8 Reasons Normal people should learn to juggle.

"Juggling is a really good exercise for life. It has a lot of the fun parts of a soul sport (working to better yourself, non-competitive activity, etc.) but isn’t dangerous — unless you’re juggling fire or pancakes or something. That’s why I want everyone to learn."

(via Kottke)