Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life is like a bowl of fishes...

If the fishes were the money-eating type...

I've been in a bit of a rut with exercising.

I wish I had enough money to buy a whole bunch of Exercise DVDs and review them. I really like exercise programs and trying them out, then using the best of them.

I still plan on doing P90X again this summer, but there may be some complications in that it would be more beneficial for me to find a part-time second job in the evenings and weekends to help improve our cash situation until a promotion is supposed to come up in a few months. (Anybody know of any good evening/weekend part-time jobs in Northern Utah? Let me know!)

I wouldn't have to get a 2nd job at all if I could just get 1 million people to buy stuff from my (currently not very expansive) Spreadshirt Shop linked here and over on the side! If only!

I do plan on putting more stuff in there based on my artwork (which you can also find on DeviantArt linked to the right), so if you have any thoughts, suggestions, feedback, etc I would really appreciate it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I don't normally like painful videos of people hurting themselves...

But for some reason this video made me laugh like crazy.
I think some of my coworkers thought I WAS crazy for a bit there...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Acoustic Covers

A friend on Facebook posted a video of a band I'd never heard of (Boyce Avenue (wiki)) doing an acoustic cover of Linkin Park's "Shadow of the Day" song, from their "Minutes to Midnight" album, which I have to say is my favorite album of theirs. Pretty cool!

It seems my appreciation for acoustic versions of songs comes and goes. I may be in an acoustic stage again - but I have a hard time listening to all the acoustic cd's I made back in the Napster Heyday... Although sometimes I have trouble listening to MOST of the music I still have from back then!

Friday, June 19, 2009

$15,000,000 anyone?

Frank Lloyd Wright's famed Ennis House to be sold

Yeah I wouldn't mind living in the Ennis House! Unfortunately the 15million price tag is just the beginning, as there are still a lot of repairs and restoration that need to be made.

More can be seen at The Ennis House Foundation's website.

Ahh to have means...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friends and Friendship

This weekend was a new technological first for me...

I found about the death of an old friend through Facebook.

The details of his death are still a bit sketchy, and there has not been an official obituary yet. He died of either respiratory complications of illness or a heart attack. At 30 years old he was still very young.

This experience made me contemplate life, death, my relationship with friends, the paths those friendships have taken, and how I would like them to be. It also made me realize that they can be gone instantly with no warning whatsoever.

Now in this persons case, I don't regret our drifting apart. We were friends in Elementary school and Jr. High, our common interests in Basketball cards and the Utah Jazz made us friends...pretty much the same as every boy! I remember in 4th grade trading a random (but good) basketball card to him for an old card he didn't care for much. The player in the card had hairy armpits and a huge fro (to a 4th grader anyway), and a red white and blue basketball held high over his head. Turns out this card was a "rookie" card for Julius "Dr. J" Erving which at the time was worth around $250, an unimaginable fortune for a 4th grader.

(I guess Basketball cards in general are worth less now than they used to be, so you can probably find this for around 100 bucks, depending on condition) I didn't find this out until later, and it had already been 'swindled' from me by another of our basketball card-trading friends. Ahh to be very young and very naive again... as opposed to not that old and still quite naive like I am now!

By High school our interests and activities were too far apart to really associate too much. He moved more into Baseball if I remember correctly, and I moved away from team sports entirely.

I feel for his family and close friends. I wish them comfort and healing for their loss. It was a sobering reminder and opportunity to reminisce and remember the good ol' days, and I wish his close ones all the best.

Like I mentioned earlier, this experience made me contemplate life, death, and relationships with people I consider to be friends.

I do not fear death. Not for myself at least. My biggest fear in that regard being what will happen to my family if I were to die, or what I would do if I were to lose one of them.

As for life - it is a valuable, wonderful, amazing thing that we need to take advantage of - for you never know when you will leave this stop on our cosmic journey, short as it is.

Finally Friends. What makes us friends? What keeps us that way? In some ways I feel like other than my wife I don't really have any close friends because I never see or keep in contact with anybody other than superficial things like Facebook or Instant Messaging. I love Facebook and Instant Messaging because I can then at least keep in contact with people I otherwise have no way or time to be in touch with them.

I wish I had the time and energy (and money!) to keep in regular contact with important people from my life. There are people in Russia who I would love to keep in contact with but I cannot (I really appreciate Facebook for letting me know how some of them are doing!), and close friends from High School who are in the same situation I am and are busy with work and family and LIFE.

I guess I just feel like I am not the best friend. As I age, it's something I ponder more and more and it still confuses me a bit how I cannot seem to get it. I guess I'll just continue to ponder and consider until I find a way to be satisfied with my abilities as a friend.

Friday, June 12, 2009

These Are The Days

And these days are TOO MUCH fun!

Okay so mostly there's been too much of the not fun kind lately - sickness, mortgage (refinance) ridiculousness, lack of exercise...

The exercise I've done most is the Pull up. I can do quite a few sets of 10-12 very easily now, which is really nice. However - if that's all I do it really isn't enough.

After finishing the P90X program I got used to a really active month or two where I had indoor soccer, ab workouts, and more every single day. Then indoor soccer ended, we went on vacation, and got sick right after returning.

Wednesday I did the intense 30 minute ab-class offered here at work, then played an impromptu indoor soccer game for almost two hours and I was DEAD. I went home and crashed at 8:30!! I NEVER go to bed that early. So obviously my body had forgotten quite quickly the ability to be that active. We'll see how it goes today as I'm doing something similar again!

Hopefully the weather stays nice so we can have a yard sale tomorrow and get rid of a bunch of junk. It will be nice to have less STUFF sitting around our house!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Learn to Fly

Wow awesome little game - at least once you get enough to start buying stuff!!

Learn to Fly

David Eddings

I think I've mentioned before that one of my favorite authors is David Eddings.

It is quite difficult for me to really commit to a "Favorite Book" (or series) but if I did it would probably be (and has been in the past) the Belgariad and Mallorean Series by David Eddings.

Good, Clean, Fantasy fun. Seriously awesome books.

My wife wasn't really a fantasy fan, but she loved these books once I finally convinced her to read them!

David Eddings died on Tuesday - he was 77 years old!

Thanks, Mr. Eddings, for wonderful memories and adventures!