Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bucket List and Movies...

I updated my Spring movie list by crossing out the ones I've now seen, but it isn't quite time for a full post. Maybe after I watch a few more of them.

My Bucket List is almost 2 years old now...

I have only crossed off a few things since writing that - MOSTLY because the majority of them are Travel related, and a good portion of them are also general "Get Better At..." goals that will basically never be 'checked off' until that bucket is good and kicked, and then if I'm better than I was when I started, that's good enough for me!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ITLAPD 2012!!

Avast ye lily-livered lubbers!

It be that time o' the year again!

Aye me hearties, one of t' grandest days of the year is again upon us!

Tha's Right!

Look lively there while ye attempt to speak like a real MAN o' the sea!

Iff'n ye don't I've a mind to tie ye to the yardarm or perhaps keel haul ya!!

So don't be a filthy Scallywag and spout gibberish or it'll be into the scuppers with ye!

In honor of this fine day ye can be sure I'll be spending the evening building me own Pirate Ship in me front yarrrd!

Aye! This be the beginnings of a Ship!