Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Bucket List

Since I've talked about how I both do and don't like goals, I decided I needed to put down some of the things I want to do and some of the places I'd like to visit in my life, along with some of the big things I've accomplished.

I've finally decided I need to create my own Bucket List

I'm also including some lifetime desires that I always wanted and have already achieved! Finally there are a few items that are very very vague or general type things to remember or do. Stuff that is kind of hard to actually complete, but it's important to me.

So here is the very long list that will continue to grow and develop I'm sure:
See the full list!

  1. Get Married - Done - she's amazing! Perfect! Wonderful!
  2. Become a Father - Before I had them I wanted a lot of kids like I grew up with (7 kids). I ended up with FOUR and that's GREAT! I love my kids!
  3. Russia - Been there, hated it when I was 16, loved it subsequent times and now
  4. Japan - Been in the Niigata airport for 4 hours, but that doesn't count!
  5. China - I've been to Hong Kong, right before it reverted to China, so that doesn't count either!
  6. New Zealand
  7. Visit my birthplace again - I was an army brat, and places visited as a baby don't count!
  8. Be able to do a flip - not trampoline
  9. Get MEAN ripped six-pack abdominals
  10. Live with my wife and kids abroad, outside the US & North America - did this with my parents and siblings -  I want my kids to experience it too!
  11. Learn a 2nd language - Done, Russian learned, still need continual improvement.
  12. Learn a 3rd language, or more! English and Russian are great but I want to learn Chinese or Japanese or Italian or something different entirely!
  13. Own or live in a Castle for a while
  14. Own or sail a Pirate ship
  15. Write a novel
  16. Write a song - I actually wrote a song in High School. It's silly. I've even recorded it...
  17. Write enough songs for an "album" (12-15 songs maybe?) 
  18. Record self-written songs and be satisfied with it!
  19. Invent/Patent something
  20. Study a Martial Art for more than a few years
  21. Rock Climb more
  22. Learn Opera style singing
  23. Learn to really draw
  24. Be proficient in parkour/free-running
  25. Pay respects at Bruce Lee's grave
  26. See the giant redwood forest and Yosemite
  27. Own a motorcycle and license
  28. Get and stay out of debt
  29. Own a gun - (I own a little .22 handgun, I'd like to own something bigger/better)
  30. Obtain a concealed weapons permit
  31. Make (perform/sing/play in) a music video (related to #16, 17)
  32. Stonehenge (hopefully it's more than 18 inches tall...(sorry - language in that link))
  33. St. Petersburg
  34. Petra
  35. The Caribbean
  36. Jerusalem
  37. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  38. Walk the Great Wall of China (no not the whole thing)
  39. Italy
  40. Scuba Dive (use for 35, 37, 45 and 46)
  41. Tour an IBC Root Beer factory
  42. Find a better Root Beer than IBC (This may never be fulfilled - but I should at least try!)
  43. Don't worry about making mistakes. Mistakes are okay.
  44. Own a wearable suit of armor (or multiple sets!)
  45. Search for Pirate Treasure
  46. Search for non-pirate treasure
  47. Be able to do a muscle-up - (I've talked about this one before) - 4/16/11 Did some on a not straight bar, so I can say I've done it, but it was closer to doing it on rings. So I need to keep on going 'til I can do them on straight bars consistently! 9/12 - When I'm fresh I can do 10 or more of these! So this goal is DONE!
  48. Try to surf (or learn to surf if it works out!) Take Lessons or something!
  49. Spend a week (or so) on a private island (preferably tropical not arctic!) with my wife
  50. See a live BIG MMA fight (a UFC event in Vegas would be great)
  51. India
  52. Do Yoga in India
  53. Greece
  54. Listen
  55. Fix my Teeth
  56. Make it completely around the Earth - ALMOST made this, I've been to Australia and Hong Kong going West, and to Moscow going East, so I need to make it to the areas in between!
  57. Speak to or Perform for a crowd of at least 1,000 people
  58. Learn to play the Guitar better (Taught myself and took some classes but I need work!)
  59. Learn to play the Piano better (Took lessons as a kid but... yeah that's about all I can say!)
  60. Learn to play the Mandolin
  61. Learn to play the Ukulele
  62. See the Northern Lights
  63. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad
  64. Shoot a REALLY big gun (not sure what this means yet)
  65. Similar to 64 - I want to fire a real cannon, from a ship. Preferably a very Piratey ship.
  66. Live happy, don't worry
  67. Awkwardness is a choice - DON'T be awkward (can't make others be not awkward, that's their choice)
  68. Stay Connected - Facebook is a tool but that's not what I'm talking about. VISIT! CONNECT!
  69. Hike the Narrows in Zion's National Park  - This was actually a big goal of mine when I was younger (read some book that I barely remember now) but it dropped off the radar even though it shouldn't have! Glad to get it done!
Sheesh - that's enough for now. It's taken me way to long to compile it too.
Anything missing? What things do you want to do?

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    Kris said...

    Awesome list. I've done a few things on your list such as visit Petra, Jerusalem (lived there) and been to the Caribbean.

    I need to make up my own list, but one thing I'd love to do is take a hot air balloon ride!