Monday, October 22, 2012

To Beard or Not to Beard!

THAT is quite often the question in my life.

I'm a hairy guy.

Always have been (well, since I was 13 or so),

Always will be.

Unless I laser my neck... which is probably the only place I would consider that type of hair removal.

So we come to the common questions;

Should I let my beard grow out?


Or should I keep it more shaved (or stubbly)?
Not so Beardy!
Tough question. Especially since I'm pretty happy either way!!

Other Beardiferous options:
2 week Beard

4 week Beard

Easy Ride Stache and scruff

5 week Beard

Runners Beard

Cowboy Beard!

The Hulihee

Rough Beard


Weird Beards
Wizard beard! (not real)

Wolverine Beard!

Piratical Beard!
Ragnar Stache

If anybody feels like sharing their thoughts I'd appreciate it!
What do you think about facial hair in general?
Which types do you like?
What do you NOT like?

I know my wife does NOT like just a plain mustache!

I look sickly...


DreamingofArnold said...

No beard! Stubbly or clean shaven! IMO....

Paigeartnerd said...

2week beard is the best , love thi unusuak blog!