Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last night I had a fairly severe allergic reaction to something. No idea what caused it.

This is the 5th or 6th time this has happened to me, and it has always been the same (although thankfully the symptoms seem to be a bit less each time) - a bout of diarrhea followed by feeling very itchy all over and hives appearing, anxiety, slight shortness of breath (but no major airway obstruction), partial feelings of impending doom (that one is really annoying), and various other random discomforts.

Today as I'm reading up a bit on Anaphylaxis I'm starting to think it might be a good idea to go get allergy testing again, as this COULD be fatal, and avoidance is probably the best plan.

I just don't know what to avoid!

While the chances of dying are small, they are actually a lot higher than anything else in my life! So I think it's worth figuring out, right?

If anybody has any thoughts or experiences with Anaphylaxis and prevention that they would like to share with me I'd appreciate it!



simplecomplex said...

I've had allergies all my life, they really suck. Especially because the things I'm allergic to are in so many foods that I almost can't avoid getting sick about once per month. I have allergies to nuts, eggs, artichokes, and sesame seeds. If you've found a new allergy you should get tested man!

Kris said...

A lady I worked with in YW's just discovered she had a specific latex allergy. It's not latex as in latex gloves, but in food. She had to avoid cucumbers, strawberries, etc. I don't know if her symptoms are similar to yours, but she's dealt with it for several years and could never figure out what it was until she went to the doctor.

Now that she is avoiding several foods (unfortunately a lot of them are her favorites), she's doing much better.

Also, a colleague of mine found out that she was allergic to her own sweat when she was in her late 20's so she can't exercise much. She breaks out in hives and all sorts of things. I know this isn't the case with you, but there are some crazy allergies out there so I hope you figure it out!!

Warlord Blade said...

I am pretty sure it isn't NEW, but it's pretty scary.

Considering the rarity of the symptoms and how often I work out, I thankfully don't have exercise induced anaphylaxis... But being allergic to your own SWEAT? That's a bit crazy and iffy sounding to me! Could be real, I am not a doctor!