Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gone Primal

As my beautiful wife documented in her blog we have decided that with this new year we would start The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation as outlined in the book of the same name... (If you buy the book through that link I supposedly get money... but nobody ever has so I don't expect to!)

If you've never checked out Mark's Daily Apple - you really should! (I don't get anything if you click on that link)

It is a valuable resource for anybody interested in health regardless what you believe on the whole Caveman/Primal idea. Some of the articles get a bit wordy but I don't think they are anywhere near as bad as Mercola for wordiness!

For an intro to what 'Primal' is, check it out here.

I've mentioned before how my biggest issues in my quest for physical perfection (ha ha) were the 3 S's:
Sleep, Sugar and Soda
This lifestyle change removes the 2 consumables (no sugar which pretty much cuts out the soda for me cuz I don't do diet!) and has some strong suggestions for improving sleep (Turn off electronics earlier and go to BED). That is really hard. I think the sleep is actually harder than avoiding sugar, as my night time ritual of staring at the computer screen is currently my wind down time and my "Me-time" with no kids running around peeking over my shoulder, etc.

So far (day 3 of the 21 day challenge, then after that you modify it to fit your personal needs) I feel great! I'm probably sleeping better already (although the first night I stayed up too late...) and it hasn't been THAT hard to avoid the candy and Mt. Dew (although MAN it is tempting at the grocery store checkout lines!) We got some decent sparkling water at Costco and I picked up some surprisingly delectable High Cocoa content Dark Chocolates so I think that helps!

After work today my fitness challenge is to do 2 rounds of as many pushups, squats, pullups and plank (for time) as I can. I'm pretty good at all of those so we'll see how I do after work!

Finally, I've started a Tumblr photo blog for ease of cool inspirational picture sharing (Fitness, Yoga, Personal progress in Fitness and Yoga, Pirates, Steampunk. You know, the usual!)
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