Saturday, March 6, 2010


Such a good movie.

The 60 days of Insanity are DONE. Almost. All I have left is the final fit test which I might do tomorrow, but I might wait until Monday.

Insanity is a great program - I really enjoyed getting my butt kicked every day of these past 60 days, and it's a bit daunting to me that it is done and I don't have a program to follow again. Going forward I think I will concentrate on some quick runs (3 Miles or Less), pull ups, and Workouts of the Day from American Parkour and others. When my wife recovers a bit more from having a baby less than a WEEK ago (!!! My girls are SO amazing and adorable !!!) she is planning on doing Insanity - I am going to do it with her, but possibly not 100% of the program. I have the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay in June I'm preparing for, so I want to mix stuff up a LOT. Another round of Insanity definitely wouldn't hurt though. :)

So on to the scary part now.

After Pictures! I attempted to make a before-mid-after collage, and I'll get 'em eventually, but for now... Here are the after-pictures!!



SEE - Don't say I didn't warn you!

There really was a significant change in my mind - so I am quite happy with the results of Insanity. I'm not completely satisfied with MY progress yet though, so I gotta keep going!!

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