Tuesday, April 21, 2009

P90X - Before & After as promised

As promised, here are WAAAAAY too many pictures of me in my swimsuit.

The only bad thing about that swimsuit is that you can't really see my legs which is one of the areas that I feel improved significantly. I think you can see the biggest difference in my side pictures.

Like I've said before, I think I would have had better results had I followed the Classic program the whole way through.

So here they are! (and I am really, really sorry)




Yippee I'm done with that.

I very well may redo the full Classic P90X program in a few months after working on and exploring more exercise options.

If anybody has any suggestions for good programs to try out, I'd love to hear it.

We currently have the following workout programs on DVD:
Rodney Yee Power Yoga: Total Body
Gaiam AM/PM Yoga
Winsor Pilates
Core Secrets (which I guess isn't sold in the US anymore, interesting)

We'll probably buy more of Rodney Yee's yoga series since I really like them. I know there are more out there so let me hear your thoughts!


KakesW said...

You are hot. Wanna hook up tonight? We could like... do stuff.... ;D :P

Warlord Blade said...

HEY! This blog is for SiRiUS BiZNiSS and not a place for pickups!

(... what time do you want me to pick you up?? Oh yeah we live together!)